Westmorland Gazette cartoon 9 March 2017

In this week’s Westmorland Gazette the front page story is the increasingly common problem of school closures. Pupil numbers are falling, a problem caused by declining birth-rates and high house prices (largely due to second-home ownership) forcing young families out of the area. A fertile area for the Gazette cartoon.

And in the national news, the new, multi-faceted pound coin is about to arrive. (Raid your piggy bank now – you have until October 15 to cash in the old coin, a date calculated to produce a sudden Brexit windfall for the government.)

Westmorland Gazette cartoon 2 March 2017

The front page story for this week’s Westmorland Gazette also made the national news.

The South Lakes Safari Zoo, in Dalton-in-Furness, has been recommended for closure after a damning report into animal welfare. An awkward subject but the cartoon is not there to fight shy of tricky stories, and in case the editor was cautious I added an extra cartoon.

Here are the ideas I pitched, together with the editor’s final choice.

Westmorland Gazette cartoon 23 February 2017

This week’s Westmorland Gazette featured a landmark for the area – the first same-sex marriage took place in a Kendal church.

Given the – ahem – conservative nature of the area, this was clearly an opportunity for my editorial cartoon. Below are the ideas I submitted to my steamed editor (one or two of them may have been designed to provoke howls of outrage in editorial). You can see the editor’s choice at the end, as it appears on the front page.

Westmorland Gazette cartoon 16 February 2017

Kendal’s Queen Katherine School is in the news this week, rejecting the findings of an ‘unfair’ Ofsted report. And in other news, the Lakes Line is accused of using ancient trains unfit for a major tourist destination.

As usual, here is the choice I presented to my editor, with the front page cartoon in colour. And normally at this point I would invite your vote via comments. However I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately and there are only so many Russian brides I can cope with, so comments are turned off for now. Go find me on Twitter or Facebook instead and I will be eternally grateful.

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