Westmorland Gazette cartoon 16 March 2017

The big Westmorland Gazette cartoon story this week is the new footpath which follows the old route from the Lancaster Canal to Kendal. At least it makes a change from the usual suspects banging on about re-opening the waterway itself.

In other news, local hotels experience a pre-Brexit* boom – but only in people wanting to buy local hotels – and it is announced that a new Hollywood blockbuster is to be filmed in the Lakes.

Sit back and enjoy the ideas which assailed my steamed editor before casting your eyes down to the cartoon as it appeared on the front page.

(* for non-UK readers, ‘pre-Brexit’ is the phrase to describe that period when Brexiteers and dinosaurs averse to the EU run round in ever-desperate circles trying to convince everyone that jumping off a cliff without a parachute or a clue is a really rather splendid idea and thoroughly British.)

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