Welcome to the online home of cartoonist and author Colin Shelbourn.

That would be me. Pleased to meet you.

I began drawing when I was quite small and continue drawing now that I am quite big. I’ve been a professional cartoonist, writer and general nuisance for over 40 years and during that time my work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on maps and postcards, on stage and even on the radio (for the Rob McLoughlin Show ). I have also written a number of books and run cartoon workshops.

Since 1984, I’ve produced the  front-page cartoon for The Westmorland Gazette in England’s Lake District. You can see the most recent on my blog (cleverly called Westmorland Gazette in the menu above). There’s an interview with me in the Westmorland Gazette here, just to prove I exist.

A book, Drawing Cartoons, is available. It’s based on my workshops and inspired by the lovely people who have attended them. You should rush out and buy a copy immediately.

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